Star Wars Checks

With the release of Star Wars movie on Blu Ray DVD this coming September, there are more people keen to get their hands on any new star wars merchandise, one being Star Wars Checks. Well certainly there have been a number of check designs released based on movies but to my disappointment I noticed that none of the companies online provided star wars personal checks.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON THIS!!!!: They are unable to make checks with star on them as they are not LICENCED to print the images, YOU can only have PHOTOS you have taken printed as personal checks, stand by for updates if the check companies get a license to print

Photo checks allow you to take any image or photo and produce through Artistic Checks and online company that lets you design your checks

Here is how it works

1. Get a Photo, jpeg or gif of a PHOTO YOU HAVE Taken ( you CANNOT upload one  with your Favourite Star Wars Character on it like Darth vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Jabba the Hut, Obi Wan, Princess leia, Yoda or some of the places depicted in the films such as the Death Star).

2. Head over to to the Photo Station

3. Select on the right side if you want a single wallet size like the above one or duplicates and quantities then continue on and click next and you will next be questioned to upload an image under 4mb, make sure the image is at least 432 x 198 in pixel size, you can go higher but not lower.

4. One uploaded you will see it and be able to edit it by using the options to go it left, right, up, down, zoom in or out, reset and submit. ( Initially you will see it in a very light appearance don’t worry when it arrives you have more color to it )

5. Submit and place your order and they will be mailed out to you.

You can even have your design placed on matching Checkbook covers or marks.

You have unlimited options when it comes to ordering checks online as right now you are the one who can make what you want to see on the check.

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